About Us: Georgia Solar Installers (GSI)


    Residential and Commercial Solar Solutions

    GeorgiaSolarIinstallers.com has been designed as a site to disseminate information concerning the installation of residential and commercial solar arrays in this state. This site is for informational purposes only. There is nothing to buy on this website, only free info about solar in this particular state. The information found at the various locations on the world wide web is very good but doesn't often apply to the southeast section of the United States. Our goal was to provide one simple, easy to use resource that would help this state's residence make an informed decision.

  • There are many questions you probably need to have answered. These may include:
    • Does it make financial sense?
    • How many kW will fit on my roof?
    • What is a kW or kWh how is it measured?
    • How many kW do I need?
    • What is an Inverter?
    • How many batteries will be needed?
    • What is the ROI or IRR?
    • How long will an installation take?
    • What is Net-Metering?
    • Do I use all the energy I produce?
    • How much weight can my roof hold?
    • Will an electrical engineer be involved?
    • How long will a solar array last?
    • Maintenance, any needed?
  • There are many, many other questions that will need to be answered before deciding to go ahead with a solar project. Georgia Solar Installers was created and is maintained by professionals current working in the solar industry. This site is provided for informational purposes only. The site's goal is to make sure the future solar energy owners are well informed before they start speaking to solar contractors.
  • Solar energy works in Georgia! Good luck with your new solar array!