Commercial Solar Installations


    Commercial Solar - Purchasing Methods:Commercial on white TPO roof

    Commerical solar installations purchasing methods - Direct or Capital PurchaseDirect Purchase


                - Quickest path to ownership

                - ROI of 4 years in Georgia*

                - IRR in low teens*

                    * Assumes you can receive the Georgia State Tax Credit

                - Your business retains the Energy Credits


                - Typically needs to be in capital budget

                - Upfront capital vs. operating budget

    Commerical solar installations purchasing methods - Operating LeaseOperating Lease


                - Georgia State Tax Credit will not be your company's issue

                - No large capital outlay

                - Project moves from capital budget to operating budget

                - Immediate ROI

                - Energy credit may stay with your business


                - Project must be purchased at Fair Market Value at end of lease or dismantled

                - O&M agreement typically needed with lease

    Commerical solar installations purchasing methods - PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)


                - Agreement between an independent solar array owner and your business

                - Business purchases energy from array owner, typically priced lower than utility

                - No upfront costs

                - Long contract, stable price



                - At end of contract(s) array must be purchased at Fair Market Value or dismantled

                - Some higher legal fees since contracts are not well known

                - Energy Credit typically stays with the independent solar array owner  

Why Solar For Your Commercial Business?


    A Few Reasons To Purchase Solar For Your Business:

    Reasons to purchase solar for a commercial business - solar works in GeorgiaSolar Works In Georgia! - Solar is the one sustainable energy project that you can measure. Your own electric meter will show you the results and your electrical bill will confirm the results.


    Reasons to purchase solar for a commercial business - solar is predictableSolar Is Predictable! - Solar energy production is based on years of data that has been verified by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Your commercial solar installer will be able to tell you with some certainty your future production. Larger solar arrays can purchase insurance to back up production guarantees.



    Reasons to purchase solar for a commercial business - Your customers are asking for actionYour Customers Are Asking You For Meaningful Sustainable Action - Businesses throughout the State of Georgia are asking their vendors to help them grow in a  sustainable manner. Your solar array will set you apart from the competition to your customers. Solar array not only produce sustainable renewable energy, they do it in a visible manner complete with public monitoring.


    Reasons to purchase solar for a commercial business - Solar makes economic senseSolar Makes Economic Sense - Besides a quick payoff and a decent IRR solar takes one of your largest variable costs and converts it to a low fixed cost. Once the ROI is reached this project will produce FREE clean energy 25 years or more!

Commercial solar on a ballasted roof

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