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How Solar Works

How and why solar pv works in Georgia

Solar technology has been around for years. When the sun is shining photons are delivered to the panel and absorbed. Those photons then...


Georgia Power's Advance Solar Initiative (GPASI)


The Georgia Power Advance Solar Initiative has begun. These 20 year Power Purchase Agreements will start being awarded in April of 2013.




Georgia Solar Leasing


Leasing your solar equipment is an easy way to gain the benefits of solar energy with no upfront capital outlay. 

Commercial Solar

  • GA commercial solar photovoltaic (PV)installer

    Commercial Solar Solutions
    Designing a solar array for a commercial business is more that putting panels on a roof. Georgia Solar Installers have to also take into account electrical and structural design and size the array to maximize your corporate ROI and IRR needs.


  • Residential Solar

    GA commercial solar photovoltaic (PV)installer

    Residential Solar Solutions
    With a residential solar design the goal should be to maximize the kWh's delivered by the array by maximizing the roof space while holding costs to a bear minimum.

  • Commercial Solar Farms

    Solar farm development

    Solar Farms in Georgia
    If you have farm land that is underutilized or not suitable for modern production farming then consider a solar farm. If you land is suitable for a commercial solar farm you may be able to lease it to a developer for the next 20 years!


Georgia Solar Incentives

GA solar tax credit commerical businessesState of Georgia - Commercial
* 35% Tax Credit
* Taken over 4 years
* Maximum Credit $500,000
* Total available dollars/year $5,000,000*
* First Come / First Serve
* Must 1st be approved by GEFA

* Click Here for more information

GA solar tax credit residenial homesState of Georgia - Residential
* 35% Tax Credit
* Taken over 4 years
* Maximum Credit $10,500
* Total available dollars/year $5,000,000*
* First Come / First Serve
* Must 1st be approved by GEFA

* Click Here for more information


 *Note: Check with the Georgia Department of Revenue, this tax credit may be fully subscribed.

Federal government solar tax credit commerical and residentialFederal Government - Commercial and Residential
* 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
* One time credit

Solar PV and Federal MACRS depreciationFederal Government - Commercial
* 2013 50% MACRS Bonus Depreciation

Georgia utilities and EMC solar incentivesUtilities
* Net Metering throughout the state
* Georgia Power "Feed-In" Tariff Available
* TVA "Generation Partners" Available
* Other programs can be found by entering the DSIRE.org database. Click here


Additional Solar Information

Feed-in tariff vs net metering in GeorgiaNet Meter vs. Feed-In Tariff
* If you are doing a solar project within the Georgia Power service area you have a choice between a Feed-In Tariff or Net-Metering. Click the "MORE" button below to find which is better for your company.

It has never been a better time to go solar and maximize your energy savings while reducing greenhouse gases.

Solar Works in Georgia! The Georgia Energy Association and Southface have team up to track all solar installations in the state. Click Here for a  link to the Southface database. Currently there are over 600 solar installations generating over 27 MWHs AC of energy in the state.

Why is it a good time to install solar now? The reason falls into two categories: 1) the price is at its lowest level... ever. 2) There are solar incentives at the state and federal level that will be expiring soon.

Need A Solar Installer?

Get A Professional Solar Consultation

Having the right solar contractor can make the difference between a good install and a great install.

What's the good and great? #1: A quality installation that will be on your roof virtually maintenance free for the next 25 years! #2 Price: Maxing out the size of your array at  the lowest possible cost.