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Solar installers located within Savannah GASavannah is perfect for solar energy now you just need a solar installer!
Solar installers in Savannah Georgia are working hard to help customers reduce energy consumption and lower their energy bills.

Savannah is a beautiful city that is blessed with solar radiation that equates to over 5 hours of sunlight per day. The peak energy generation for the Savannah area runs from a low of 3.76 hours of sunlight in January to a high of 5.87 hours of sunlight in July.

Choosing a solar installer in Savannah GeorgiaTo give you an idea of the energy that your solar installation would bring in the Savannah area a 1KW DC array (4 - 250Watt panels) would produce 1,326KWH per year. Given that the average house uses 10,500KWH per year you would need a 9 to 10KW solar array to offset the typical house.

 Looking at it on a larger scale a 1MW solar plant installed by a local Savannah solar installer would produce 1,326,910KWH per year. This 1MW plant would need about 6 acres of land to accommodate its size. A 1MW solar array would produce enough energy to power 126 homes!

Here is a video from Savannah Solar Installers showing how the expected production was arrived at: Click Here to view.

The latitude of Savannah is 32.13° which means the solar panels will be tilted at a 30° angle to maximize the sun resources. It will take approximately 3,333 panels to construct the 1MW plant. Your Savannah solar installer will do all of the pre construction engineering and design to produce the specifications needed for your exact location.

Savannah 1MW solar plant produces 1,326MWH AC/Year

GSI gets asked a lot if the panels will move with the sun. We call that type of solar array a "tracking" system. The answer is typically no. Even though a tracking system will deliver about 30% more energy than a fixed mounted array the costs outweigh the additional energy. The cost of Operation & Maintenance (O&M) also rise dramatically with tracking array. However once cost for that type of racking declines all the solar installers in Savannah will be trying to make the financials work for their customers.

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