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NOTE: GSI is an informational site used to provide free solar information to help you make an informed decision. We have a knowledgeable staff and provide quality installations. Our goal is to install clean reliable solar energy everywhere it makes sense.

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  • There are many questions you probably need to have answered. These may include:
    • Does it make financial sense?
    • How many kW will fit on my roof?
    • What is a kW or kWh how is it measured?
    • How many kW do I need?
    • What is an Inverter?
    • How many batteries will be needed?
    • What is the ROI or IRR?
    • How long will an installation take?
    • What is Net-Metering?
    • Do I use all the energy I produce?
    • How much weight can my roof hold?
    • Will an electrical engineer be involved?
    • How long will a solar array last?
    • Maintenance, any needed?
  • There are many, many other questions that will need to be answered before deciding to go ahead with a solar project. Georgia Solar Installers was created and is maintained by professionals current working in the solar industry. This site is provided for informational purposes only to help you find a quality installer. The site's goal is to make sure the future solar energy owners are well informed before they start speaking to solar contractors.