Georgia Clean Energy Tax Credit

GA CETCAdministered by the Georgia Department of Revenue

Program Basic Information

  • *35% Tax Credit
  • *4 equal payments
  • *$10,500 maximum limit for residential installations
  • *$500,000 maximum limit for commercial installations
  • *Total Credit Available Per Year
  •     2008 - $2.5M    Original Bill Click Here
  •     2009 - $2.5M
  •     2010 - $2.5M
  •     2011 - $2.5M
  •     2012 - $5.0M    Amended Bill Click Here
  •     2013 - $5.0M
  •     2014 - $5.0M
  • NOTE: Tax credit doesn't just cover solar PV. Biomass, wind, solar thermal, lighting retrofits, and energy efficient products competing for these resources.


Status of Georgia Tax CreditStatus of Tax Credit

Currently the tax credit through 2014 is completely account for. Some customers have been notified that they will not be included in the waiting list being administered by the GA DOR due to overwhelming response to the program. The Amended bill ( HB346 ) retroactively  took effect on Jan 1, 2011. It authorized $15M in new tax credits over three years. As of Jan 2013 those funds have all been accounted for.

The process for applying to the Georgia Clean Energy Tax CreditTo Apply for the Tax Credit

The Process

  •     1) Pre apply through the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA)
  •     2) Fill out this pre-application form online.
  •     3)Pre approval from GEFA will arrive via email in 30 days
  •     4)Fill out the GA DOR clean energy tax credit preapproval form found here.
  •     5)Attach the GEFA pre approval form to the DOR form and mail here:
  •             Georgia Department of Revenue
  •             Clean Energy Property Tax Credit and Wood Residuals Tax Credit
  •             1800 Century Blvd. NE
  •             Suite 8107
  •             Atlanta, GA  30345


Please note: Georgia Department of Revenue information will change please consult the GA DOR for current exact process.